MyDPCdoc Family Medicine  

Healthcare the way it used to be!

What makes DPC different?

At MyDPCdoc Family Medicine you are not paying “extra” for the same care that you are accustomed to receiving in a traditional fee-for-service practice.  You are paying for a unique model of care (the DPC model) that allows unparalleled access to me as your doctor, and allows me to spend as much time with you in the office as you need.  You are hiring me to proactively manage your health, and to engage you more in managing your own health.  I may manage your medical problems by phone or email, if appropriate, or have virtual visits by secure video chat, saving you the time it takes to come in for a visit.  When you do have appointments, there will be little to no waiting in the office, due to the amount of time allowed for each visit, and the small number of patients in my practice.  I have time to explain the diagnostic process for your symptoms, the pros and cons of testing, often saving you the cost of expensive tests or procedures.  You can reach me during evenings and weekends by text or cell phone, without going through a triage process with an answering service or on-call physician or nurse.  You are less likely to need urgent care services because of your access to me.  I have the time to explain the pros and cons of medication, and alternatives to medication, keeping the amount of medication to a minimum, saving you the costs and potential side effects of medication.  You can see me when injured on the job or in a car accident, because I don’t have to worry about having an insurance claim denied in these circumstances.  So regardless of the cost of your additional insurance coverage, you probably can afford my DPC practice, just considering all the opportunities for savings discussed above that aren't afforded by a fee-for-service system.  In fact, I would argue that you can't afford NOT to have a DPC physician!

About Dr. Crall

Dr Crall grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana but relocated to Tampa in 1980.  His educational background is as follows:

  • Jesuit High School in Tampa, 1986
  • The University of South Florida, B.A. in Chemistry 1990
  • Emory University School of Medicine, M.D. awarded 1994, where he was the class president in his 4th year and received the Nicholas J. Pisacano, M.D. Memorial Scholarship from the American Board of Family Medicine, recognizing "future leaders" in Family Medicine
  • The Bayfront Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program in St. Petersburg, FL, where he was selected by his peers to be the Chief Resident in his third year (1997). 

Dr Crall practiced for 17 years as an employed physician with Morton Plant Mease Primary Care in New Port Richey, FL prior to opening River Jordan Direct Family Medicine in July 2014.   The practice rebranded itself in May 2015 to MyDPCdoc Family Medicine to emphasize the personal nature of the care it delivers. Dr Crall has been happily married to Kara for 25 years and they have 4 children and 2 grandchildren.  He enjoys cycling, jogging, softball, and watching his children participate in their many activities.  He believes that the secret to any success that he enjoys is his Faith in God and personal friendship with Jesus Christ, which keeps him humble, happy in the face of difficulties, and able to see the good in others rather than their faults.

Our Team

Bringing you healthcare the way it used to be!

Kara Crall

Office Manager

Kara is highly skilled in exceeding your expectations in regards to customer service. She will address any questions or concerns related to your membership.  New patients should speak with her if they have questions about how they will benefit from a MyDPCdoc Family Medicine membership.   

Susan Timoney


Susan has been my nurse for 19 years.  You will immediately notice how the level of care and attention, combined with her nursing skills, exceeds your experience with medical assistants working in most primary care practices.  Contact her directly with questions related to your prescriptions or medical needs.

Dana Navarro

Marketing & Patient Relations

Dana is an expert in helping individuals and business owners understand how they can leverage the DPC model to lower their total monthly healthcare costs while getting highly accessible and personalized care for themselves or their employees.  Contact her directly about business memberships.

Dawn Robertson-Sucarichi

Medical Assistant

Dawn is the newest member of our team but she is not new to primary care.  She has years of experience as a medical assistant and is passionate about putting your needs first. Contact her directly with questions related to your prescriptions or medical needs.