COVID-19 Update

We do not feel that "business as usual" is prudent when cases are climbing rapidly. The practice, however, is as OPEN AND ACCESSIBLE as always! All visits that can be done virtually are being done virtually (by phone or video). Any patient who needs to be evaluated in the office will be seen in the office as long as you pass the COVID-19 screening, and as long as you wear a mask.  Noone enters our office without a mask, whether it is our own staff, patients, delivery personnel or essential guests.  

COVID-19 Update 8/5/2021

(Video begins at 34:25). This video addresses vaccine misinformation using the Myocarditis/VAERS as an example; guidelines for those who are vaccinated (as of July 27, 2021); and guidelines for COVID-19 treatment and who qualifies for outpatient monoclonal antibody treatment.

SUMMARY: 1) individuals who choose not to vaccinate do not have to justify their decision; but they must not disseminate misinformation to promote hesitancy in others. Promoting vaccine hesitancy will indirectly cause preventable death, including deaths in children. 2) Masks should be worn in public, whether vaccinated or not, in those areas where there is a high level of community spread. 3) we should not need a mandate to protect the vulnerable but sometimes it is necessary due to the extreme individualism, rather than collectivism, that Americans tend towards. The largest remaining vulnerable population in the US is children under age 12. 1/1000 to 1/2500 of all those children who become infected with COVID will likely die.  4) There are no treatments for COVID that have been validated in randomized trials except for remdesivir and monoclonal antibodies, which is now available as an outpatient in high risk individuals.